Summer time in the city

Well June has come and gone and July is here, so this months blog is going to focus on summertime. Summertime and the city has flowers blooming as well as the typical hustle and bustle, and the bugs are enjoying this weather too. 

If your anything like me, your a mosquitos dream, and seem to get bug bites constantly. If so, welcome to the club. After years of allergic reactions, itching and major bumps from the bites I got into the kitchen to create a solution. After numerous attempts, I finally found a solution. Our all organic bug repellent lotion hydrates your glowing skin, and keeps those pesky bugs at bay, while keeping you smelling great, and not like the typical bug spray.

Your typical bug repellent spray is chemical filled and toxic, as well as flammable. Personally, I find it alarming to know something that can applied to the skin is flammable. On boards Bug Repellent is non-toxic and not flammable. You can purchase this as well as our other products online, or at the Los Angeles area farmers markets, schedule below. 

Other tips to keep your life more bug free:

Light a lemon fragranced candle

Put fresh lavender on your picinic table

Avoid salty foods to be less tasty to the bugs

Keep sugary treats packaged up


This month you can find us the following farmers markets: 

July 8 Playa Vista

July 9 Brentwood 

July 12 Hermosa Beach

July 13 Westwood Village

July 26 Hermosa Beach

July 27 Westwood Village

and other dates as they come will be posted on our Instagram (@onboardorganics)