About Us

On Board founder Tracey McGill created these products out of personal need and seeing a lack of options for organic travel-sized skincare in the marketplaces. 

Having personally struggled through the years to find skincare products that didn’t cause irritation or reactions, that also weren't full of synthetics and could go with me anywhere, I felt left out and frustrated. Deciding there was a better way, and living with skin irritations wasn't the way I wanted to live, I started reading and researching what exactly goes on our skin. With much trial and error, and plenty of going back to the drawing board, On Board was finally born. As an individual with allergies, I've always prescribed to the notion of less is more, less ingredients- means less opportunities to have a reaction. So, On Board has committed that no product has more than 10 ingredients. All products are made using organic products and being conscious of scents to invigorate your body, mind and soul; generating holistic benefits. I believe that less ingredients, less opportunity for reaction- and small batch to ensure that the quality is always the best. 


On Board Organic Skincare was founded and developed to allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even when you are on the go. We specialize in travel sized products to keep up with your active lifestyle whether your taking us "On Board" to the boardroom, to the surfboard, to the ends of the Earth or just getting on board with your day. On Board makes sure you never have to compromise your skincare routine.  

We are developed, made and produced in Los Angeles and make sure every bottle captures the California and specifically the LA vibe. We make rich, hydrating balms and scrubs that leave you smells mesmerizing, facial products to keep your skin clear, firm and photo ready, and offer so much more.....

We announce our pop-ups, promos and new products on our Instagram  and Facebook (@onboardorganics). 

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