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Healthy living in 2018

Your skin is the largest organ, and taking care if it is essential to not only aging gracefully, but overall health. Many diagonisitions look at your skin, nails and hair health for indicators of health. So it's time to start caring for it.

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October is PINK

October is Pink around On Board Organics. With much of our clients being women, we like to go pink the month of October and remind men and women alike of the significance of self breast exams and if your over the age of 40, or find something unusual we encourage you to seek medical advice. Breast cancer is something that is no longer kept quiet, people are becoming more aware of the signs and symptoms of this heart-wrenching disease. But prevention, and early detection is essential to a positive outcome. This is not just a lady issue, but effects mankind. So men that applies to you as well. We at On Board are passion about Breast Cancer awareness and our way of...

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August restart

August means back to school and a fresh start ahead. With the kids in school or graduated on their way to college; it's the perfect time to restart and invigorate those intentions you set in January.  I spoke with William Abbley, a friend and fitness guru about intentions and self commitment to being the best designs of ourselves. William has been a customer of mine for some time now and our conversations are always inspire me to celebrate the short term while never losing sight of the long term goals. Fitness is one of the best things we can do to help with aging, but the one thing that is a necessity is proper hydration.  To be the best version of...

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Summer time in the city

Well June has come and gone and July is here, so this months blog is going to focus on summertime. Summertime and the city has flowers blooming as well as the typical hustle and bustle, and the bugs are enjoying this weather too.  If your anything like me, your a mosquitos dream, and seem to get bug bites constantly. If so, welcome to the club. After years of allergic reactions, itching and major bumps from the bites I got into the kitchen to create a solution. After numerous attempts, I finally found a solution. Our all organic bug repellent lotion hydrates your glowing skin, and keeps those pesky bugs at bay, while keeping you smelling great, and not like the typical...

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April Showers...

April showers bring May flowers, or at least that's we say this time of year. As you know, we love our flowers and that sweet floral smell, so hello rain!  This months blog isn't focused on that floral smell, but rather the significance and vitality that water has in our day to day lives, and how we deprive ourselves. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of 2004 recommends drinking 3.75 liters (125 ounces) for men, and 2.7 liters (91 ounces) for women daily. This can be consumed through food and actual water intake.  What does water do for you, besides follow doctor orders? Weight management, disease prevention (kidney stones), elevates mood, keeps the kind clear and maintains...

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