Location, location, location.

We are full of exciting news this March and been on the move.

That being said we are thrilled to announce that March 28th is the grand opening of our newest location- Open Market OC in Irvine off Jamboree. Besides online- this is the only pot currently you can experience and purchase all we have to offer. And boy, do we have a lot to offer. We have expanded not only our scents on the balms, but numerous new items for your daily life of travel pleasure. 


In addition to Irvine, we now have a curated selection of balms, soaps and scrubs at Our Place Gift Store in Lake Havasu. They have our very best item. The store also has the cutest gifts from other small businesses and makers, making it the essential shop small business location in the area. 

We also, have moved into a smaller space around the corner in the Crafted at the Port of LA paired with Twisted Sister and couldn't be more exited about the changes made to bring you exactly what you are looking for and some new items too! We look forward to seeing you there Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 12-6pm. 

Local Source COOP in Sherman Oaks for those of you in the Valley still has our balms and curated items. Which will soon be receiving some of our fun spring balms- coming soon!

We are thrilled with these changes and additions, but with change, some things have been edited out of our offerings. As of April 1 we no longer will have items in the Del Amo location of Local Source COOP, but thrilled we are still partnered with them in Sherman Oaks. Some items are no longer on the website, being scents or specific products. We know this may be disappointing, but we are adapting to what our demand is and growing. 

We hope you like our changes and look forward to seeing you!