March 08, 2022

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March Madness

March Madness may be filled with brackets and basketballs for you; and thats exactly what comes to mind for me too... but at On Board were talking about events that coming up!

Madness may be so, but there's ample news thats transpiring. 

  • International Women's Day- March 8- the celebration of women.. reflecting on what has transpired in Ukraine- ALL sales on this day will be donated and matched for refugees. 
  • Modern Makers- MISSION VIEJO-March 19- curated pop-up( 25282 MARGUERITE PKWY 10-3PM)
  • Modern Makers- YORBA LINDA- March 27- curated pop-up (18421 Yorba Linda Blvd) 10-3
  • Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles- EVERY WEEKEND! FRI/SAT/SUN 12-6

We love having pop-ups and the storefront at San Pedro to get to know you all more, have you experience our latest and greatest! 

We are excited to announce we will be having a season limited edition balm carry-on gift set and be showcasing these items through our facebook and instagram (@onboardorganics) pages. 

We are also delighted to share that our Crafted- San Pedro space has recently expanded our offering to include organics dead sea sponges to help with exfoliation, Honeysuckle soap bars, balms and scrubs as well as our newest... ultra relaxing lavender bath salts. We will be expanding our limited edition offerings in all aspects- including pre-made gift sets. We would love nothing more than to hear from you all things for your dream gifting sets.. a gift card may be rendered for outstanding ideas.... 

See you soon.. AND.... Stay tuned on your social media- INSTAGRAM/ FACEBOOK (@ONBOARDORGANICS) for our absolute latest news/promos/pop-ups and all fun travel-ish things! 

February 04, 2022

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February Pop-Ups

Manhattan Beach here we come! 
Bringing back the Pop-Up schedule we are exclusive popping up in Manhattan Beach’s recently renovated Manhattan Village February 12 from 11-4. 
We will have our gift sets and fan favorites in tow! See you there!!
January 27, 2021

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New Year, New Look

Congrats, if your reading this, we all have survived the year where everything was upside down and topsy-turvy. 

We decided to throw On Board through some changes too.

  • We have redesigned our labels and have added the background of passport stamps. A little brand info- all the stamps are from places we have on the bucket list, or have travelled to. 
  • Our treats now come in boxes, which are  made from recycled paper and recyclable with our awesome passport print sealing it. 
  • We also have taken the "organic" off the product name, but remain organic. We found it to be redundant from our name. 
  • We also have eliminated some fragrances and less in-demand products. If you desire something that is no longer on the website, please reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate you. 
  • With farmers markets and events starting to schedule, we have decided to remain and online exclusive shop. (there may be exceptions to this, but not at this time). 
  • We also want to share that once you place an online order, we go to work and every order is made specifically for you and a fresh batch, every single time!

We hope you love these changes, and thank you for your continuous support.

July 17, 2020

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As seen in Vanity Fair

That’s right! You have seen us in Vanity Fair! We have been working hard and so thrilled to announce we now can share that this months July/August Vanity Fair has On Board Organics in the Get The Glow section. 

We've been adding new products and thrilled have our latest Sheer Daily Moisturizer to be seen in this issue. Helping you glow below the surface to bring out a soft, complexion and sheer to allow make-up, to be applied on top. 


May 01, 2020

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Changes in an ever changing environment

With everyone’s being impacted by Covid-19 we’ve been working hard to make our products as accessible as possible. Keeping clean and your largest organ protected and hydrated is essential. With hand washing on the forefront don’t forget to put lotion on. Hand sanitizer when you can’t wash.

Offering discounts on various items; especially our hand sanitizer with code germfree for buy one, get one half off trying to help keep everyone safe. We are pleased to announce you can find our promos at ( where you can find other treats too. 

We hope if you have questions to reach out at Stay safe. 

March 03, 2020

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2020 is here and what we’re up to...

Well, this of you who met us at the various farmers markets around the Los Angeles area you probably have noticed we have stopped popping-up over the weekends. As bittersweet as that was, we are so happy to have made the transition to online and specialty events exclusively.

So what have we been up to? We’ve made some updates to make the website more user friendly, added some new products (which you will love) and have scheduled some events for April. 

Find us:

RENEGADE CRAFT April 18-19 Los Angeles State Historic Park 

MERMADE MARKET April 23-25   24642 San Juan Ave, Dana Point, CA 92629

We hope to see you there!

October 05, 2017

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October is PINK

October is Pink around On Board Organics. With much of our clients being women, we like to go pink the month of October and remind men and women alike of the significance of self breast exams and if your over the age of 40, or find something unusual we encourage you to seek medical advice.

Breast cancer is something that is no longer kept quiet, people are becoming more aware of the signs and symptoms of this heart-wrenching disease. But prevention, and early detection is essential to a positive outcome. This is not just a lady issue, but effects mankind. So men that applies to you as well. We at On Board are passion about Breast Cancer awareness and our way of giving back to our community and help with awareness is donating to this cause. Each scrub sold this month we donate $1. And for those of you shopping online, use promo code SCRUBBY to get 10% off a 4 ounce body scrub. All will be wrapped with the pink bags.  

How to give a self- breast exam according to National Breast Cancer Foundation.

This is to be done once a month.

 1) In the Shower
Using the pads of your fingers, move around your entire breast in a circular pattern moving from the outside to the center, checking the entire breast and armpit area. Check both breasts each month feeling for any lump, thickening, or hardened knot. Notice any changes and get lumps evaluated by your healthcare provider.

2) In Front of a Mirror
Visually inspect your breasts with your arms at your sides. Next, raise your arms high overhead.

Look for any changes in the contour, any swelling, or dimpling of the skin, or changes in the nipples. Next, rest your palms on your hips and press firmly to flex your chest muscles. Left and right breasts will not exactly match—few women's breasts do, so look for any dimpling, puckering, or changes, particularly on one side.

3) Lying Down
When lying down, the breast tissue spreads out evenly along the chest wall. Place a pillow under your right shoulder and your right arm behind your head. Using your left hand, move the pads of your fingers around your right breast gently in small circular motions covering the entire breast area and armpit.

Use light, medium, and firm pressure. Squeeze the nipple; check for discharge and lumps. Repeat these steps for your left breast.

If any changes occur, please seek medical advice.


As always.. You can find us the Month of October in following Farmers Markets:

Saturday, October 1 Costa Mesa 9-2

Sunday, October 2 Brentwood 9-2

Saturday, October 7 Costa Mesa 9-2

Sunday, October 8 Brentwood 9-2

Wednesday, October 11 Hermosa Beach 12-6

Saturday, October 14 Playa Vista 9-2

Sunday, October 15 Brentwood 9-2

Saturday, October 21 Playa Vista 9-2

Sunday, October 22 Brentwood 9-2

Thursday, October 26 Westwood Village 11-6

Saturday, October 28 Costa Mesa 9-2

Sunday, October 29 Brentwood 9-2

Keep Calm and Carry On Board