Is winter impacting your glow?

There is something to having a slightly sunkissed summer glow, and yet we are still in February. The cold winter months can be torture on your skin, with wind, snow, rain and yes the sun. Chapped lips and cheeks, increased acne and lack of shimmer in your skin is familiar, than your in luck; this months blog is all about treatment and prevention of our winter skin.

Yes, I am saying that like animals we have winter skin which requires some changes from your summer skincare routine. Which means switching from alcohol based cleaners to a moisturizing based cleanser, being cream or oil based. With the chilly air, changing climate and fluctuating temperatures your skin looses its moisture; creating a breeding ground for acne, wrinkles, chapped and dry skin. That's why after a ski day, your  lips tend to be chapped and cracking. So with these tips, may you find that winter snow glow. 

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Between keeping your body hydrated; yes drinking lots of water. Using an oil based cleanser; like our fabulous organic facial cleanser and moisturizer regularly.
  •  Shave those legs. Keeping the stubble down, it only makes your sleeping partner happy,  hit the moisture you receive from using shaving cream helps keep you legs from drying out. 
  • Humidify your space. Keeping moisture in the air prevents your nasal passages or airway from bringing in dry air and drying your skin out from the inside. Try a citrus blend essential oil to invoke happiness and lavender for relaxation. 
  • Lotion up. Lathering up your hands, legs and feet during the winter months are critical. Your skin gets thinner during the winter months and an extra barrier helps prevent injuries, or prolonged cuts and scaring.
  • Be wary of long, hot baths. Yes, they are soothing. Yes, it feels nice to get warm and unplug. But too often can dry out your skin. Emerging yourself in hot water and then getting out of the water can shock your skin and end up drying your skin out. 

With all those tips may you keep your winter skin stay soft, smooth and healthy. And of course we recommend using our products to help keep your winter skin in style, and all products available in travel sized for those winter road trips. Recommended products:

  • Our organic body scrubs hydrate and remove dead skin cells (aka dry skin). We love the sandalwood scrub as it's coffee base energizes your mind and helps fight cellulite with its caffeine. 
  • Organic Body Lotion hydrates throughly. Our gardenia lotion is deliciously fragranced, and takes your mind to summer time.
  • Organic Face Oil penetrates further in the skin than most cream moisturizers. Great for morning and night application. Fighting wrinkles and acne. 
  • Organic Face Cleanser. Hydrates, cleans and leaves your skin so soft. Prevents and fights acne, removes make up and refreshes your face.
  • Organic Shave Cream. Hydrates and fights ingrown hairs.
  • Men's Organic After Shave Cream hydrates that freshly shaved face, smooths, and prevents ingrown hair. 

Until March, enjoy!