What's In A Name? The On Board Story

I grew up golfing, playing tennis, traveling, being active. I always had an openness to life! I guess it was that openness that inspired the creation of this skin care line. 

While I was in college, I began to experience allergic reactions to things. And the first place the symptoms would show up would be on my skin. I would become dry, I would start dealing with breakouts which ultimately led to me hiding under long sleeves even on the warmest of days to prevent further skin agitation and because I wasn't comfortable with the way my skin looked. It didn't help that I was an executive during the week, one who loved to find reprieve enjoying the outdoors over the weekend. Well, when my symptoms started to impact my lifestyle, I knew I had to do something about it. 

That was when I took matters into my own hands....literally. I started making organic skin care products including coconut oil body scrubs and holistic body lotions. The products I used actually helped my skin feel smooth, soft and hydrated. 

Talk about a journey! I knew other women could probably relate to feeling uncomfortable, trapped, embarrassed by their skin sensitivities. And I decided to do something about that. 

Hence the name ON BOARD ORGANIC SKIN CARE. If you're active, on the go, love traveling and exploring but also have sensitive skin, we're here to help. 

The On Board Organic Skin Care Mission: For all the adventures you'll take in life, we make sure you're always at home in your skin.