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Destination Alpha Phi At USC

We launched On Board Organics in April  2015 and started selling our handmade, organic body scrubs and organic body lotions at the Farmer's Market in Brentwood. Not only have we met amazing customers in Brentwood, we've also met amazing collaborators too.

Enter Anna Finch, founder of Cabana Anna Swimwear.  Anna is also a proud graduate of USC and was running an Instagram contest for USC sorority sisters along with her friend, another female founder, Ailis Garcia. (Check out her brand, The Strong Movement here). 

Anna being ever wise (and knowing that bikini's and body exfoliants go hand in hand...literally), invited On Board Organics to participate in a sorority Instagram contest at USC and the winning sorority......was Alpha Phi. 

Fun fact: On Board Organics founder Tracey has a soft spot for sororities--she was a Kappa in college herself. 

So, congratulations to Alpha Phi at USC for winning this challenge. We hope you enjoy your body scrubs, lotions and exclusive discount. Thank you to Anna and Aillis for collaborating with On Board organics too. 

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